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Pest Control Long Beach CA

Accuracy Plus Termite and Pest Control is the go-to pest control service in Long Beach, CA. Since 1994, we’ve been serving the homes

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Bed Bug Control Long Beach CA

Bed bugs can be a major pain to remove. The treatments can be extensive and it is best to consult the professional at Accuracy Plus

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Rodent Control Long Beach CA

They are pretty much the international symbol for an unclean establishment or an unsanitary home. This is somewhat unfortunate

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Bee Removal Long Beach CA

We all know that bees and wasps are an essential part of our ecosystem. Bees produce honey, they are both pollinators,

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Orange Spider Control Long Beach CA

Have you noticed an increasing amount of spider webs or seen multiple eight legged creatures scurrying about your home or property

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Orange Cockroach Control Long Beach CA

There are few prospects more horrifying than learning that your home is infested by cockroaches. Your skin is probably crawling

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Lawn Pest Control Long Beach CA

Keeping your lawn healthy is one of the best things you can do to maintain your property value and protect your home investment.

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Attic Cleaning Service Long Beach CA

As a Los Angeles based pest and termite exterminator Accuracy Plus feels it is our responsibility to remove animals from your Los Angeles

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Ant Control Long Beach CA

Ants arent just a threat at a picnic. These little invaders can easily march through your home like an invading army, swarming over everything in their path.

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